Benefits of being a Student Chapter Leader
  • Develop & practice leadership & organizational navigation skills.
  • Build organization acumen.
  • Practice organizational relationship management.
  • Exercise & expand your communication & presentation skills.
  • Collaborate & network with chapter stakeholders in the HR field.

The UAGC FSBT SHRM Chapter welcomes graduate level students from any UAGC program to apply for a leadership role as student chapter officer. Availability to attend monthly meetings and a minimum 8 month commitment required. If you are interested in a volunteer position as chapter officer, please email a short bio with your contact information (phone and email) to the form below.

Benefits of being a Guest Presenter
  • Lead others to think more critically and/or practically about core HR topics.
  • Practice & develop virtual communication skills that excite and inspire.
  • Build a network of professionals interested in your ideas.
  • Exercise consultative & student-directed learning skills.

Students, alumni, and faculty are encouraged to submit presentation proposals for consideration as a guest presenter for a future UAGC FSBT SHRM Chapter webinar. If you are interested in presenting as a guest speaker, please email a short bio, proposal (in Word or PPT) with your contact information (phone and email) to the form below.

Benefits of being a Chapter Volunteer
  • Practice communication and leadership skills that inspire and motivate others.
  • Collaborate for meaningful solutions to chapter organizational challenges.
  • Develop a professional network within the local and expanded HR communities.
  • Build resume strength demonstrating professional focus and commitment.

UAGC FSBT SHRM chapter volunteers bring life, meaning, and productivity to the virtual chapter by ensuring the mission, vision, and goals are realized through student collaboration with HR faculty and other stakeholders in the UAGC FSBT community. Volunteer opportunities may arise from the chapter’s stated agenda or from an initiative brought to the chapter by one or more of its stakeholders (e.g., students, alumni, faculty, administrators, HR community partners, etc.) If you are interested in volunteering please email a short bio and your area(s) of professional interest (in Word or PPT) with your contact information (phone and email) in the form below.

Opportunities Application Form

Benefits of Membership


Benefits of membership to the The University of Arizona Global Campus Forbes School of Business & Technology SHRM Chapter include opportunities to:

  • Experience the “real world” of human resources through interaction with HR practitioners.
  • Network with alumni, students, industry professionals, and business leaders.
  • Participate in chapter events to develop leadership skills and expand HR and business knowledge.
  • Access the chapter’s group forum on LinkedIn to connect with members.
  • Receive notification of HR internships and entry-level HR jobs.
  • Attend webinars and networking events.