Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I join the chapter or obtain more information on the location of a chapter?
A.     Join the Forbes School of Business and Technology® SHRM Chapter by clicking here and completing and submitting the application form.

Learn more about chapter leadership and engagement Opportunities by clicking here.

Q: As a SHRM member, am I automatically a member of a local chapter?
A.    No.  SHRM membership is separate from membership in your local chapter.  Each has its own membership application process and dues structure.  To become a member or your local chapter, you will need to apply for membership directly with that particular chapter.
Q: As a member of my local chapter, am I automatically a SHRM member?
A.     No. To learn more about the benefits of SHRM and how to join, visit
Q: Can I belong to more than one SHRM chapter?
A.    Yes. You can belong to as many chapters as you desire, but one will be considered your “primary chapter”.
Q: Are there any fees with joining?
A.    There is no fee to join our chapter.  REMEMBER, if you are currently a student, you can obtain the SHRM Student Membership at a discounted rate of $40 per year plus discounted membership for two years post-graduation.

Benefits of Membership


Benefits of membership to the The University of Arizona Global Campus Forbes School of Business & Technology SHRM Chapter include opportunities to:

  • Experience the “real world” of human resources through interaction with HR practitioners.
  • Network with alumni, students, industry professionals, and business leaders.
  • Participate in chapter events to develop leadership skills and expand HR and business knowledge.
  • Access the chapter’s group forum on LinkedIn to connect with members.
  • Receive notification of HR internships and entry-level HR jobs.
  • Attend webinars and networking events.