Throughout the years, companies have been changing and innovating to stay competitive. Many departments have ended for others to form in order to keep up with technological advancements and consumer expectations. However, the one department that has perdured is Human Resources, whether it be in-house, outsourced, or even done by the company owner. That’s why the topic of our webinar this month, enlightened by Mr. Joey Price, Human Resources executive and the Founder and CEO of Jumpstart, is so relevant to today’s workplace. The Human Resources department has not only perdured as an essential part of any organization, but it also has evolved throughout the years. Mr. Price started the conversation by brainstorming some reasons why having an excellent employee experience can be so impactful to the organization. Everyone in the organization plays a part in ensuring their peers have an excellent experience in the work environment. However, people are different and present their skills and talents differently. That is when having HR leaders as business partners brings it all together. Here are three areas that Mr. Price shared with us that bring to light how we can make the connection between the HR pros and the ultimate business partner:

Hiring – identified through recruitment, ensuring that candidates’ values, beliefs, and goals are aligned with the company’s culture communicated during the interview and onboarding process.

Performance management – aligns leadership message to their employees with the company’s mission, vision, and goals. Business acumen is essential here because it facilitates the communication between managers and HR pros, getting them on the same page to deliver the company’s expectations to the employees effectively.

Compensation – compensation goes beyond just the salary. There are so many different benefits that can be viewed as compensation because it improves employees’ quality of life. Mr. Price introduced the idea of unlimited PTO, which he currently offers to his employees.

All three areas listed above encompass a balanced workforce. A balanced workforce comes from collaborative employees who understand and cultivate the company’s culture. The organization’s culture must be well communicated to employees and embraced by them to guarantee that the company is headed in the direction where it wants to go. Mr. Price explained that the HR’s pursuit is to align all departments to the same mission, vision, and values. In other words, every time the managers communicate with their employees, the HR voice is the room, making them the ultimate business partner.

What an incredible insight from Mr. Price on current HR perspectives and how Human Resources professionals facilitate an excellent employee experience by being the ultimate business partner!

Thank you, Mr. Price!


Daiana Grandmain
Director of Communications & Social Media
Forbes School of Business & Technology SHRM Chapter