Ever wonder how to search for jobs as a college student or a new grad? If you’re wondering about the best practices for job searches, the search is over! UAGC has invested in educating students about Handshake and LinkedIn. These professional social media platforms help students and alumni in their job search quest. Before you start searching, there are features that differentiate both platforms.

Handshake is primarily for students that are seeking full-time, part-time, remote job opportunities, and even internships! Students are also able to apply for jobs directly in the platform making it easier to connect to recruiters and potential employers. Besides job and internship applications, Handshake also offers a plethora of events that students should take advantage of. Some events include Virtual Career Fairs and networking events. Handshake also provides access to 24/7 career resources to include scheduling appointments with your Career Advisor. Some of the things that Career Advisors can help on are resume reviews, interview preparation, career exploration, and even Handshake profile reviews!

If you’re wondering how to access your Handshake profile, the link can be found in your Student Portal. Once you login, you will find the Career Services link or the Handshake link readily available. This platform offers tons of resources for students, so it is best to take advantage of it!

Another platform to find jobs is LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as a professional social media account that allows people network and share opportunities. This works great if you have previous experience in an industry and have connections that can help you with your job search. Take advantage of LinkedIn by using it as a platform to network with people in the industry that you want to be a part of. Sending a quick connection request and possibly asking for informational interviews are a must!

The bottom line is students must network! Use this opportunity to learn about the roles that you are interested in while you are still completing your degree. Networking will also allow you to connect and share resources that you or someone might have. Networking provides a lot of opportunities to find new roles and jobs to ensure that you are always growing professionally. Roughly 85% of positions are filled with personal or professional connections! It is ok to be nervous when you connect with people, to ease the transition, try connecting with students or alumni at UAGC first, then start building from there. Once you get the hang of it, you can follow employers or attend events!

If you have further questions contact our UAGC Career Services and they will guide you to the path of success!

John Gonzales


Forbes School of Business & Technology® SHRM Chapter